So look -
A senator, is he? I can't remember -
And he's campaigning.
I read it in a New Hampshire newspaper
His son was 20, just graduated,
Killed himself.
His father wants Proper Investigation
The boy was taking tablets
For his acne
It seems this medication makes you depressed -
But it doesn't tell you on the package,
And his doctor didn't warn him.

What a betrayal -
Imagine (remember?) already being a teenager,
Already with acne,
And the acne cure makes you depressed?
His father fights for what is Right
Yes, the people's bell must be tolled.

(His son blew his own head off.)
(With his father's gun.)
(To which he had access.)

Primary cause of death: not pills, gun

And I'm thinking
Pills for acne, and guns over the Wal-Mart counter, and
Stupid country
How should the average American family
Protect themselves
From themselves?

Yes, and sorry for him,
For both of them
I can't imagine how he must feel
I have no son - and
I've never owned a gun.

© 2000 Dharmachari Padmavyuha back...