Aryaloka Nature Ceremony

What we were here for:
The fifteenth year of Buddhists
Living in the Noble Place.
Grateful, be -
Mindful, be -
Do not take it for granted;
It is only Noble when you are noble.

Here to tell them we noticed, and we know, and we care
And to remember ourselves.

As I bore the land and animals, the plants and spirits in mind,
As I bore them into my mind,
The dragonfly sat, on the text on the paper on the grass
Where I'd put it down to free me up for chanting.

When we finished, the dragonfly kissed my shoulder on its way off
(Do they really call them Darning Needles here?
Lady in the bus station, wants to know what I'm writing,
I ask her - she says: Yes, we do...)
Kissed the same shoulder the wren kissed
Nearly seven springs ago - by the pond in bright morning

I am not surprised.
Again - again, benediction - again

© 2000 Dharmachari Padmavyuha back...