From an Argonaut

You asked me (easy for you to say?)
What are your needs?
what a question - serves you right if I tell you
serves me right if I don't

two days of insanity later
and now I (at least plan to) say:
I would like to be your Non-Monogamy

I want to be close enough
for long enough
to look beneath your eyes without my glasses on
than which no more soft or lovely skin
exists (take the word of one who is this short-sighted)

you said Cold sex with men
and Vulnerability were awful and fearsome to you
well You 'n' Me Both, pal
what I have in mind with you is warm as breath and
constantly sweeter (blush)
gently smiling Hello first thing in the morning
and Take it from there, Karma

© 2000 Dharmachari Padmavyuha back...