The Gates of Horn

Today I am not what I have been
Today I am in white
I stand at the edge of the clearing
The beautiful clearing whose sunlight rains down
And I tremble
And I blush

Today I am young
Today I am alone
In white, in the clearing, I wait
And I do not fear the one who comes
The beautiful white one in whose lance gleams the sun
But I tremble
And I blush

Today none will know what I am
Today I am untried
The white one approaches, gentle but not shy
Gentle but fearless crystal beautiful lance will pierce me
Gently, because I am
What I am today

Today I wed the Truth
And today this wedding will be consummated
The pure lance of vision pierces my heart
And I tremble and blush
For fear of what will be born
And in anticipation

© 2000 Dharmachari Padmavyuha back...