Life Diving

perverse joke letters clamber and skeedaddle over
this brain's hard-won moment of apparent
sombre lassitude
just for a moment, there, I thought I could just think
ballet of ruined sonorities unwinds,
gyring through the eye's mind, blue depth,
mist subterranean, cavern floorless
still surface
lurching depths
undersea tempests exist, and
bliss to tread the path and know
the crust is thin - makes something
cast forth from my heart in warm waves
my face to smile, eyes to brighten
and my mind, though still not still
is filled, shuddering, with red-golden laughing beauty
the sword aflame
and the blossom which terrifies
and the crown who shatters reason's raw carcass
emancipating in illumination-entasis
unblinded and unbound, love glides in along
the glittering threads, net, web, weave, woven
they answer, blistering into great slow tornados
of relief

© 2000 Dharmachari Padmavyuha back...