Welsh Woodland Tryptich Thing - Notes

The Green Fields of Wales North Wales, April 1998; the first time I was there, in 1992, the magical thing happened, and then the tree fellers did their thing, and this was my requiem, or revenge. It was beautiful up there.
Allium Paradoxum Padmaloka, April 1999; someone I live with found a plant nearby, which turned out to be Allium Paradoxum, known as the Few Flowered Leek - a lovely tiny thing, it revealed to me that I wasn't yet finished with the subject of the above poem. The Latin name means “paradoxical onion”.
No South Wales, June 1999; a journey that took a morning, but is still affecting me. It seems to belong with the other poems above, since the weird part of the journey started when I was taking a 'short cut' through a piece of 'managed' Welsh woodland. It took me nearly a year to get the title right - it started off as Noan, whatever the hell that is, but that also turned out to be no-one's koan.

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