Things Seen... - Notes

..and the last shall be first.. North Wales, April 1998; it all started with Mrs. Beeton's lovely recipe commencement, and Michael's tirade against writing poems which revolve around the last line...pah, I say.
North Repps Village Hall North Norfolk, January 1998; the two villages are about two miles apart, North Repps feels dead somehow, and South Repps doesn't, and its community sense does seem to revolve around the church, for a change. Good for them.
Standing Out North Norfolk, January 1998; bare trees in fields are the most entertaining part of long car or train journeys, often.
Book keeper Northwest London, June 2000; this became suddenly autobiographical - how much my life revolves around books, and how vividly I remember them - a surprise, and still too long.
Don't All Rush At Once Padmaloka, March 2000; time to leave the nest, n'est-pas? Look at what people are like - ask yourself who their role models were - ask yourself who their role models were... enough said. We had better become better than our ideas of who our parents are (which is bound to be different from who they actually are) - that should keep us occupied...
Auceps Padmaloka, summer 1995; Latin for bird-catcher. I've found a few poem titles I've been looking for by leafing through dictionaries - is that allowed?
Haiku, Handwritten Cambridge, October 2000; just another example of how the world of the left-handed holds perils (and delights) inaccessible to the rest of you. I wrote this first in black, second in purple to swap words and mirrored (for a 'proper' western haiku has three lines of five, seven, five syllables, as well as mentioning seasons) and it is only in writing it for the third time, here, that I discover that smudgy has no 'e'...
Haikuesques Cambridge etc., Jan-Feb 2001; ...and anyway, the haiku form in English is just a convention, so I and my friend Chandramani (who delights in haiku) started sending these to each other as text messages on our peregrinatious telephones. The umbrella one is my favourite.

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