Things More Than Seen... - Notes

Mirror North Norfolk, January 1998; Vimalakirti is a Buddhist figure who would, amongst other diverse altruistic activities, reveal people's attachment to seeing things in a particular way - and the newspaper whose ancestor climbed down from the trees was, in fact, The Daily Mirror (English archetypally trashy tabloid newspaper).
Void North Wales, November 1994; sometimes things are more real when they're out of 'focus' - if you wear strong glasses and you move your head from side to side, you realise how provisional are your ideas of this and that and where they are in relation to each other.
Mountain Path Cambridge, June 1998; another poem about Muses, who of course live on Mount Helicon (sometimes) - Devapalita is now called Bodhinando, and no longer dresses like a 1920's dandy, but is still charming. The telecom spirals eventually bleach to white, but still...
What? North Wales, November 1994; more about the illusion of something existing in a particular moment of time. There is only flowing, no standing still.
Smaragd Bows South Wales, June 1999; smaragd is an old and far worthier word for emeralds (in fact it is still the word for emeralds in Bulgaria) - this takes place at Devil's Pulpit, above Tintern Abbey. A place worthy of worship, for all sorts of reasons and unreasons. Go when the beech leaves are young.
Flood North Wales, November 1994; partly Flood becasue that's what the light did, and partly because this was the beginning of a tidal wave of poems during that fortnight. And I like the idea of a flood of leaves, too.
Look Out Sussex, Septeber 1998; after I wrote a contrived poem about sunlight through the flaws in the window glass, reality outdid my contrivance, so I tried to tell the truth instead.
Falls North Wales, November 199; which of us will fall first? And there was a waterfall for the leaf (or me) to tumble into.

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