Realm of the Imaginal - Notes

Source North Wales, April 1998; under the influence of Yeats and Graves, which explains the Red-Eared Hound - Vairocana, the White Buddha, is at the centre of the Mandala of the Five Buddhas (I imagine him at the top of an ice mountain, since a mandala's centre is also the highest point). Dangerous to reach for the sky without putting down roots as well; do both, and you will have the big perspective, you can inhabit the body of truth. If you want to know more about Vairocana, read Hymn to Vairocana.
Unbinding North Wales, November 1994; I can't explain this, but it's very important; and one of the strongest, best words in the English language is 'unbinding'... oh, and I was lying on my back when I wrote it.
Calliope North Norfolk, January 1998; when the muse descends, it may not take the form of a lovely Greek maid - you must be prepared to be overwhelmed by who knows what? If you want creativity, you must be prepared to lose control, perhaps to encounter chaos...
Shuttle, Loom North Wales, November 1994; when you start to live more creatively, you may release a great deal of repressed mental energy, and you can't hold onto its lead, sometimes - but don't let pseudo-egalitarian laziness prevent your wisest voice from taking the lead, as it were; the pattern may not be immediately obvious, but if you are being creative, a pattern is forming.
The Gates of Horn South Wales, June 1999; in the face of unicorns, not all virgins are female - if the unicorn is Reality, we are all virgins until we allow our hearts to be pierced. This is about Wedding Night Nerves when courting the Truth - all dressed in white.
Begins Northwest London, April 2000; after reading Bruno Bettelheim's The Uses of Enchantment, I realised it was time to leave home. Strange - you leave alone, but there is also no such thing as 'alone' (With grasshoppers about my feet, may I walk...).
Life Diving Padmaloka, June 1995?; yes, I had been reading GM Hopkins, but visions aren't to be seen only when looking upwards, I think - much of our hearts beat below the Plimsoll Line...
Outwith North Wales, November 1994; songs vs. words here represent harmonious, outwardly spiralling dancings of the heart and mind vs. the self-perpetuating intellect's nervous foot-tapping. If you've forgotten where you left the key, what distinguishes your castle from a prison? (Note: in Scotland, they say 'outwith' where the English would say 'without', in the sense both of outside and not with, I believe.)
Life Rising Padmaloka, Summer 1996?; I don't remember writing this, but it's in my handwriting, and I like it a great deal, so - life rises up within you, if you let it, if you listen to the call, and answer it you must, or else.

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