Buddhist Themes - Notes

Vairocana's Present North Wales, October 1992; the present is the gift of this very moment - everything is changing, like it or not. (Don't ask me about the hippopotami.) If you want to know more about Vairocana, read Hymn to Vairocana.
Padmasana Padmaloka, November 1995; Padmasana means Lotus Seat - about the spiritual death that intertwines with spiritual rebirth, and both fear of and desire for that death and rebirth. A new Buddha is born sitting on a lotus blossom, upon a pure white moon mat - passion becomes compassion.
Mañjusri Padmaloka, November 1995; I fell deeply in love with the Bodhisattva Prince, Mañjusri, and this is my hymn to him - Wisdom Gone Beyond is the Perfection of Wisdom text which he is holding, offering. Coronet of Jinas is the crown he wears, bearing the Mandala of the Five Buddhas, also knoiwn as the Jinas, or conquerors.
Entrance Padmaloka, November 1995; the title is Entrance, as in entranced - finding something worth placing my head at the feet of, and not doing it in order to make myself feel like a worm in the face of 'glory', but in order to perfume my mind with beauty and the vision of something great that is worth moving towards.
Surrender North Wales, November 1994; who should I try to be? - 'surrender' means to give oneself up.
Message from the Interior Padmaloka, February 1998; written the night before Parinirvana Day, the day on which we celebrate the Buddha's death (after watching the film Welcome to Sarajevo and being unimpressed) - make the best use of life, make the best use of the knowledge of its impermanence; we are all getting older, but are we getting better?
Ventriloquism North Wales, November 1994; I can't maintain a heart full of beauty - the voice of the stomach drowns it out.
Hymn to Vairocana Padmaloka, June 1999; I was compelled to write this on a retreat - it fell out of me like a ripe fruit - it is very good to love, and it is very good for love to be inclusive, rather than exclusive; what I mean is that if it's worth loving someone, it's worth loving everyone, so on that day it was Vairocana, and another time it will be someone else - the important thing is the loving. Either it will mean a great deal to you, or it won't, but on the offchance that it might, here it is. Amongst other things, Vairocana means 'sun', or 'illuminator'.

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